Mission 50



Date: 05/08/2016

Launch Time:12:03     Landing Time: 15:20

Launch site: Craig-cefn-parc,  Swansea


Landing site:West Bourton, Gillingham,Hampshire?


Flight duration: 2hr 34min
Balloon type: 800gm Cosmoprene
Burst Height: 30307m
Payload weight: 1900gm
Equipment: 4GEE camera, Spot Gen 3, Martin’s radio tracker/servo unit, Cattrack, GSM locator

Camera performance: 4hr 5 min 40 sec

Other equipment:

This file contains data from Martin’s tx unit including gps data (column C, E, G) and the activation of the stylus and card swipe servos (column R). The events of launch, balloon burst, and landing are annotated.      NW4MT1

Clover terminal:

Active for 42 minutes after launch then shuts down. Screen goes blank. Clover does 13 responses to stylus taps then stops responding to taps. This happens 13 minutes into the flight.

Card Servo: The card swipe servo was active at the following heights above sea level

10,009 meters in height after 34 minutes

15,010 m




Stylus servo: active throughout flight. Nearly breaks off on landing.
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:


forecast vs spot track.jpg