Collaboration 11


Collaboration with Liverpool Chinatown Photographic Society.

Liverpool Chinatown photographic society

Liverpool Chinatown photographic society

I designed the flight, developed the payload concept, supplied the kit and helped the group launch the balloon. Thanks to Martin and Dan Warner for supplying the radio tracker and operating it.



Launch Time:10:30 Landing Time 12:54

Launch site: Griffin Inn, Rossett, Wrexham

Landing site:Ludlow,-2.7079342,610m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

Flight duration:2hr 24 min
Balloon type: 800gm Cosmoprene
Burst Height:31100
Payload weight: 1600gm
Equipment: Go Pro Hero 3 white, Go Pro Hero 3+ Black, Spot Gen 3, Radio tracker, Cattrack

Camera performance:

Other equipment:

Radio tracker data file Datafile excel

Field Typical contents Format Description
0 $PUBX string Message ID
1 00 number message number always 00
2 081350.00 hhmmss.sss hhmmss.00 – UTC Time, Current time
3 4717.113210 ddmm.mmmm Latitude – Latitude, Degrees + minutes
4 N N/S Indicator , N=north or S=south
5 00833.915187 dddmm. mmmm Longitude – Longitude, Degrees + minutes
6 W character E/W indicator, E=east or W=west
7 546.589 numeric AltRef m Altitude above user datum ellipsoid.
8 G3 string NavStatus G3 3d solution, D3 3d differential solution, NF no fix.
9 2.1 numeric Hacc m Horizontal accuracy estimate.
10 2.0 numeric Vacc m Vertical accuracy estimate.
11 0.007 numeric SOG km/ h Speed over ground
12 77.52 numeric COG degrees Course over ground
13 0.007 numeric Vvel m/s Vertical velocity, positive=downwards
14 25.123 Numeric Internal temperature degC
15 10.123 Numeric Outside temperature degC
16 373 Numeric Battery voltage 10mV steps.

Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:

SPOT location reports

SPOT tracker location reports

SPOT tracker location reports

SPOT Location reports (blue) and Forecast (red)

SPOT Location reports (red) and forecast (blue)

Radio tracker data logger

2 d map from data logger

2 D map from Warner data logger

3d map from data logger

3D map from Warner data logger

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