Mission 22


Time: 11:53am

Launch site: Met Office research site, Cardington, Bedfordshire


Landing site:

Henlow, Bedfordshire


Flight duration :2hr 18 min

Time to burst : 1hr 46 min 30 sec
Balloon type:800gm Totex
Burst Height: 27807m (zlog 7)
Payload weight:1500gm

Go Pro Hero 3 (white) plus bacpac, Go Pro Hero 3+ Black plus bacpac, SPOT *2, Cattrack, Geiger counter, Zlog 7, Radio sonde

Camera performance:

Go Pro Hero 3+ Black 32gb : memory card full 136 minutes

Go Pro Hero 3 White 64 gb memory card 3 units of battery left: run time 228 minutes

Other equipment:
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:



CUSF forecast

Raw Spot location reports

raw spot

RAW SPOT tracks from 312 and 796. Note erroneous location report.

raw spot2

SPOT location reports with rough data removed

raw spot 3

Landing site SPOT location reports. Difference due to tracker 312 not reporting location at landing site.

Z log 7 Data

alttiude graph

Altitude (M) over time.

Zlog 7 derived 3d profiles on Google Earth. Red – Zlog 7  Yellow – Forecast at 6am


zlog 2


zlog 4

zlog5 zlog7bxls     data file from Zlog 7

SPOT and Zlog location reports

Zlog 7 (red) and SPOT (black and white boxes) location reports

Geiger counter data

flight 22 geiger counter


launch time

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