Mission 43

forecast 1630


Launch Time:     16:30

Landing Time:15:12

Launch site: Coalville FC, Coalville, Leicestershire


Landing site: Creaton, Northampton


Flight duration: 42 minutes
Balloon type:600gm Cosmoprene balloon
Burst Height: 18,384m
Payload weight: 2000gm
Equipment: Go Pro Hero 3 = Black, Spot Messenger, SPOT Gen 3, Tractive, I Got U

Camera performance:

Other equipment:
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:
Comments: The camera and payload were stolen on landing. The descent was much more rapid than expected and may show that much of the balloon remained.

IGot U telemetry data actionman igotu


flight forecast vs telemetry1

Forecast (yellow) and telemetry (red)

flight forecast vs telemetry2

Forecast (yellow) and telemetry (red)