Mission 19 and 20

Date:20th March 2015

Flight 19

Launch Time:08:35

Landing time 10:37

Launch site:

Moelygolfa, Trewern, Welshpool, Wales


Landing site:


Flight duration:
Balloon type:
Burst Height:
Payload weight:
Camera Equipment:

Go Pro Hero 4 Black GPH bacpac video 1080 50fps narrow view.

Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Brunton bacpac ‘solar viewer’ Solar filter 5 second time lapse

Camera performance:

Go pro Hero 4 Black video 1080 at 50fps narrow. 2 hours 44 min

Go Pro Hero 3+ Black stills 5 hours plus. Turned camera off.

Other equipment: SPOT Trace, SPOT Gen 3, SPOT Messenger ‘789’
Ascent Rate: n/a
Descent Rate:n/a
Comments: The flight took place during a partial eclipse. which started at 08:30 local time and finished 10:30 local time.


forecast cropped

Forecast vs Track flight 19

forecast vs 312 789 trace

SPOT location reports

789 312 Trace


Go Pro Hero 4 plus GP bacpac


Go Pro Hero 3+ Black plus Brunton Bacpac. Solar filter


Go Pro Hero 3 White plus GP bacpac


Go Pro Hero 3+ Black plus GP bacpac

ao still


Flight 20

Date:20th March 2015

launch Time:09:05

landing Time:11:27

Duration: 2hr 22min

Launch site:


Landing site:


Flight duration:2hr 22min
Balloon type:800gm Hwoyee
Burst Height:n/a
Payload weight:
Equipment: Go Pro Hero 3+ Black video 1080 at 30fps

Go Pro Hero 3 White Stills at time lapse 1every 5 seconds

Camera performance:Go Pro Hero 3+ Black shut down after 35 minutes. Possible faulty memory card

Go Pro Hero 3 White . Still shooting stills after 5 hours . Camera turned off.

Other equipment: SPOT Messenger ‘796’ ‘862’  ‘454’
Ascent Rate:n/a
Descent Rate:n/a


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