Flight 1


Balloon – 8244 Weather Balloon, 1200 Grams Natural

600g balloon

8240 Meteorological Balloon, 600 Grams

Natural Color:  Natural

Neck Diameter:  1.3″

Uninflated Diameter:  37″ 145cm

Standard Inflated Diameter:  12′ 366cm

Burst Diameter:  16′ 488cm 10l gas

Sounding Balloon reference chart


3ft Parachute  –


Recovery Tracker –  Cattrack –


Down pointing Camera – Cat Cam video camera – as above

Side pointing Camera 1- Kodak zi6 with 16 g sdhc card

Payload box

Payload box – Selco thermal insulation board 100mm with silver foil skin

Helium  10l cylinder 45 pounds

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