Mission 8

Flight details

Date: 27/05/2014  Launch 12:38 am  Landing:  am

Launch site:


The Betsey Wynne

21 Mursley Rd
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK17 0SH
Landing Site:
Land adjacent to Stratford Rd, Shennington, Ox
Flight duration 121 minutes

Balloon: 1200g PAWAN

Payload Weight:1000g

Equipment: Go Pro Hero 3+ Black, Garmin VIRB, SPOT Messenger, SPOT Gen 3,Cattrack, art work by Rachel Mathewson

Camera performance

Go Pro Hero 3+Black plus bacpac :- 126 minutes approx

Garmin VIRB:- in excess of 121 minutes but last file became corrupt. No GPS recorded.

Ascent Rate:     Descent Rate:

Comments:Flight forecast very close to actual flight track. Very rainy. 8 oktas cloud. Windy conditions during launch.

Flight Forecast

rachel forecast

SPOT Track

SPOT track

Pink – SPOT Gen 3 on parachute tether Blue – SPOT Messenger in Payload box


Go Pro Hero 3+Black

gph3+black burst


Garmin VIRB

VIRB burst

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