Mission 23


Launch Time:11:25am

Landing Time:13:45

Launch site: Trigger Pond Pub , Bucknell, Bicester


Landing site:

Birch Green, Hertford, Herts


Flight duration:2hr 20min
Balloon type:800gm Totex
Burst Height:
Payload weight:1300gm
Equipment: Go Pro Hero 4 Silver, CANSAT, SPOT Messenger, Cattrack, 4GEE camera, I Got U tracker

Camera performance:

Other equipment:



Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:


3d forecast


forecast vs profile google earth

Profile from IGOTU (red) and forecast (yellow)

SPOT location reports

spot jpg

SPOT location reports and forecast

spot vs forecast

SPOT location reports (red) forecast flight path (blue)

profile Tonbridge

Profile from Igot u GPS data logger

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