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Collaboration 1

20th April 2012

On Friday I assisted students from South Cheshire College. The students had designed simple camera payloads to launch and track using Smart tracker enhanced gps tracker. I assisted the launch by inflating one of the 1200g balloons and loaning a SPOT tracker.

Ballon flight forecast

On the day surface winds were light but it poured with rain. I got soaked and chilled to the bone fillign the balloon. Flight 2 of the day took my Spot tracker. The tracker performed well though produced 2 rough data points.

Spot Tracking. Are there two rough data points or did something very strange happen on assent?

Thankfully the rain abated during chase and recovery.

Payload 2 landing site

The first payload was a polystyrene ball. This broke on landing.

payload 1 after landing

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