Mission 41



Launch Time:12:00pm

Landing Time:

Launch site: Benhall infant school, Cheltenham


Landing site: Bishops Cleeve


Flight duration:
Balloon type: 800gm Cosmoprene
Burst Height: Balloon did not burst
Payload weight:1600gm
Equipment: SPOT Messenger, Cattrack, PITS, Go Pro Hero, Mascot bear with Trace and Cattrack

Camera performance:

Other equipment:
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:
Comments: The launch was in a heavy downpour of rain. This added weight to the balloon, preventing lift. The payload was made lighter by removing the trace and cattrack.  Positive buoyancy was achieved but during the flight the mascot and parachute got very wet. The balloon ascended for some time then descended. It then ascended again before finally descending and got caught up in a perimeter fence of GE avionics.