Mission 30


forecast sunday morning


Launch Time: 12:02    Landing Time:14:25

Launch site: Llyn Gwynant Camp site, Snowdon


Landing site: Llyn Newydd, Ffestiniog, Snowdonia


Flight duration:
Balloon type: 800gm Cosmoprene
Burst Height:
Payload weight: 1580gm
Equipment: Go Pro Hero 3 White, Go Pro Hero 4 Black, Garmin Virb XE, SPOT gen 3 *2, Cattrack *2, I Got U

Camera performance:

Garmin Virb XE 1hr 25 min ( 2hr manufacturers spec)

Go Pro Hero 4 B 2hr 16 min ( 3hr 40 min with bacpac)

Go Pro Hero 3 W 4hr 25 min (5hr 40 min with bacpac)

Other equipment: Snowdon    I got U data file
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:
Comments: Many Thanks to Gung Ho, the official PR company for Garmin, for the loan of the Virb

Flight Track

I Got U

I Got U track

I Got U track

I got U vs Forecast

I got U track (red) Forecast (blue)


gung ho snowdon

Mt Snowdon : go Pro Hero 3 white

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