Collaboration Flight 3

Colaborator: Andrew Huff


Time: Launch 11:56 landing ca 13:43

Launch site:

Devonshire Arms Hotel, Bolton Abbey, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 6AJ,-1.89293,114m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

Landing site:Field, Cow Ark, nr Chipping, Lancashire,-2.5027742,200m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en


Flight duration: 1hr 37 min
Balloon type: 800gm PAWAN
Burst Height: 26677m
Payload weight: 1363m
Equipment: Custom Rasberry Pi tracker and camera, SPOT Messenger , Cattrack, Go Pro Hero 3+Black, battery bacpac, Zlog 7 cut  down board, small plush toy, teddy bear

Camera performance: Run time . 32 gb memory card full. 2/3 battery units on bacpac available. Camera running in 1080 wide at 24 fps. Run time 121 minutes

Other equipment:

Zlog 7 with cut down board. The Zlog 7 cut down board was positioned on the main tether between the payload and the parachute. The a piece of 2mm nylon cord was tied around the nichrome wire. This secured a small plush toy and parachute to the payload. The trigger height to heat the nichrome wire  was set to 10,000m. On recovery, the nichrome wire was undamaged and the plush toy and cord was gone. It can be concluded that the wire heated and the cord cut through. Just after the target altitude, the zlog 7 stopped tracking and closed the data file.


andrew zlog messages


Pi Tracker data

RpiData (1)
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:

Flight Forecast

andrew forecast

forecast profile

forecast profile2

forecast profile3


forecast vs spot track

SPOT Track

SPOT track

Pi Track

pi flight profile


10:30 forecast profile (yellow) vs Pi derived track (pink) after 11:56am launch

10:30 forecast profile (yellow) vs Pi derived track (pink) after 11:56am launch


Irish Sea

Go Pro Hero 3_Black shooting video at 1080 wide

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