Mission 35



Date:22nd March 2016

Launch Time:    07:15

Landing Time:

Launch site: Lythe hill road, Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury


Landing site:

Shobston, Herefordshire


Flight duration:
Balloon type:800gm Cosmoprene
Burst Height:29927m
Payload weight:1550gm

Flight time 2hr 15 min 30 sec

Time to burst  1hr 31 min 37 sec

Time burst to landing 43 min 53 sec
Equipment: Little Bits box with thermometer circuit and Catcam. Go Pro hero 3 white plus bacpac, SPOT Messenger, SPOT trace, Cattrack GMS locator and Tractive locator. Zlog 7

Camera performance: Go Pro Hero 3 white plus bacpac 4 :- 4hr 5 min and still running

Catcam 4hr 20 min and still running

Catcam starts 6:53

Go Pro starts 7:00

Launch 7:07.30



Other equipment:
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:
Comments: After burst the payload got rapped around the shroud line. This caused the payload to spin intensely on descent. During descent the tether SPOT Messenger broke off the payload. The payload landed upside down and so the SPOT trace did not return the landing site location.


spot map

SPOT location reports

ZLOG 7 data file

zlog data file

forecast vs flight

Flight profile (red) vs forecast (yellow)

forecast vs flight2

Flight profile (red) vs forecast (yellow)






Image from Go Pro hero 3 close to Apogee





Raw data littleBits thermometer data

thermometer board

littleBits thermometer board and camera




Thermometer display


Temperature graph from the littleBits thermometer

zlog and littleBits readings

Sampled temperature data from the Zlog 7 and littleBits thermometer