mission 36





forecat and telemetry

Forecast (yellow) and Telemetry (blue)



forecat and telemetry2



Launch Time:     11:04 am

Landing Time:

Launch site: Hinckley Academy, Butt Ln, Hinckley LE10 1LE

Landing site: Shady Lane Arboretum, Leicester

Flight duration:
Balloon type: 1200gm PAWAN balloon
Burst Height:26447m
Payload weight: 1400gm
Equipment: PITS, Cattrack, Geiger counter,

Camera performance:

Other equipment:
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:
Comments: The students experiment obscured the SPOT Messenger rendering it ineffective.


hinckley HAB flight

Hinckley Academy HAB flight looking across the North Sea. Can you spot the moon?



Geiger counter

geiger counter


PITS flight plan

Flight track from PITS