Collaboration Flight 7

Trans Atlantic Crossing of a Weather balloon

Launch site Milwaukee, USA by John Flaig

Recovery by Chris Hillcox

Payload Mass (g) – 256g

Balloon Mass (g) Hwoyee 1600gm

Target Ascent rate – 0.2 m/s

Burst Altitude – 42084m

Time to burst 3507 min

Launch volume 1.81cubic mof  balloon helium  1809l or 63.9cubic ft

Neck lift 257g

Date:Sunday 7th December

Time:4am UTC / GMT

Launch site:10:00 hours GMT

Landing site:


trans forecast

Flight duration:
Balloon type:
Burst Height:
Payload weight:

SPOT Messenger Tracker, Polystyrene case, 2ft Rocket man parachute

_DSC0310 _DSC0309

Camera performance:

Other equipment:
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:

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