Mission 15

Date:26th September 2014

Launch Time:10:04am Landing time 13:10 Duration 3 hours 6 minutes

Launch site: The Red Bull Inn, Malmesbury


Landing site: Field adjacent to the A505, Hitchin, near Luton.


Flight duration:
Balloon type:1200gm PAWAN
Burst Height:
Payload weight:1350gm
Equipment: Go Pro hero 3+ Silver, Go Pro Hero 3+ Black, Zlog flight computer, SPOT Gen 3, Cattrack, a pot of Wild Peanut butter.

Camera performance:

Go Pro hero 3+ Black with bacpac1 2hr 17 min then memory card became full.

Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver with bacpac2 – Turned off by accident before launch. Still on at recovery with 2 bar of battery.

Other equipment:
Ascent Rate:
Descent Rate:



SPOT Track



SPOT locations and forecast

flight and forecast


simply wild in space


simply wild in space2

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