Near Space Photography sends ashes to space


With some effort and planning, it is often possible to fulfill the wishes of relatives who have passed, and who wish a dramatic or spectacular final journey. For individuals who want to reach beyond this world and return to the heavens, Near Space Photography now offers the chance to have all the cremated remains scattered in near space, 30km above the Earth. Chris Hillcox from Near Space photography said, ” We offer a unique service in returning people towards the stars. Where some companies can only take a small sample of cremated remains towards space, we can launch an entire urn of ashes towards space and scatter them high above the Earth. Our launch operation, which operates in most places across the country, can capture the stratospheric journey with video cameras and recover them using gps technology. Launching capsules laden with ashes is a skilled and regulated event, but with over 75 flights under our belts, we offer a very reliable flight service for loved ones.”


This weekend, Near Space Photography helped a family scatter the cremated remains of their loved one. At the start of this summer, Near Space Photography was contacted by a lady who wanted to scatter the ashes of her brother in space. Her brother had always had great interest in space and the family thought it would be a fitting final trip for the man. This weekend we finally helped the family fulfil their ‘out of this world’ dream. The flight was launched with CAA approval from Tamworth in Staffordshire and the balloon drifted in line with the restrictions placed around the flight. The capsule included a Go Pro camera to capture the event and the footage was easily recovered following the flight.

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