Third time lucky : Roger the teddy bear makes it to space


This summer, helped the children at Benhall Infants School send their school mascot, Roger the teddy bear, into space. But it was not easy and took 3 attempts. The first attempt in June ended in failure. We tried to launch the bear during a break in showers. We were all set for launch but the heavens opened again, the bear got wet and heavy. The wait gain meant the payload was too heavy to ascend so we stripped out some kit to lighten the load and launched. Unfortunately the rain did not stop and further showers made the bear heavier than his launch weight. So he just floated back down to Earth.

Unbeaten by this failure, we send Roger on a full flight into near space in July; courtesy of a flight for Fermyn Woods Arts Centre. But due to limitations of weight, we could not properly photograph Roger.

Roger finally got to star in his own balloon flight in August when we were able to run his own flight to near space. Well done Roger. Third time lucky! Roger will be featured on our sister web site,



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