Major Tom is lost in space


Last Sunday, 26th June, Near Space Photography and teamed up with Wisdom Design to celebrate action man’s 50th birthday, by launching him towards space in an original 1966 Mercury capsule and space suit from that age.


major tom

The project was funded by a successful kickstarter campaign which rewarded backers with custom designed and made dog tags, action man costumes, and capsules with custom painwork.


There were a few delays in the launch but we were finally cleared for lift-off at 16:30 on 26th June. Tracking went well (click here for more flight details) and it landed in just outside the village of Creaton in Northamptonshire… or at least we thought it did.

After following the SPOT location reports we entered a field on the edge of Creaton but could not see the parachute or capsule. After some considerable searching we found the trackers and the arm that they had been attached to. But no camera, no capsule, and no parachute. After talking to local residents we launched into a local and regional publicity campaign to find Major Tom.

Action Man missing after venture into space


Update on 2nd June.

The publicity campaign paid off. A farmer from the nearby community of Brixworth found the camera. He ran the video and discovered the theme of the project and after a little internet searching called me to let me know about his discovery.

camera found

camera and trackers

Flight path of trackers (red) and landing site of camera (yellow)


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