Launch announcement 15th December 2015


To celebrate the launch of Tim Peake we will be launching a weather balloon from Moel – y- Golfa, near Welshpool,  packed with cameras and radio transmitters to get pictures from near space. The weather balloon will only go as high as the first stage separation of the rocket but we will be sending a Union flag sky high to salute Tim.



The flight can be monitored using an onboard SPOT tracker at
Thanks to the Pi in the Sky radio tracker, it can also be at!mt=roadmap&mz=8&qm=1_day&f=KC3DEJ-11

Just look for the balloon travelling rom Welshpool to Leicester. It’s code name is M6LZY – my amateur radio handle.
If you have a radio scanner then it can be followed at or around the frequency of 434.250 MHz on USB frequencies. You can also decode the telemetry using DlFl digi. Details for radio hands to ‘listen’ to the broadcast can be found at

During the flight we hope to have listeners upload the SSDV camera images at

The launch time will be between 10 and 11am and we expect the payload to land 2hr 30 min later in the east Midlands. We will be using an 800gm Cosmoprene met balloon and 3.5 cubic meters of helium.



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