Near Space Photography rewards CANSAT winners


On 29th October Near Space Photography rewarded this years winners of the CANSAT competition, Team Impulse from St Paul’s school, with a HAB flight. In July of this year Near Space Photography rewarded the competition runners up, Tonbridge school, with a HAB flight from Bicester.


The flight day started early on the morning when William Eustace and David Shah from St Paul’s school handed over the payload which included a school built LoRa tracker and experiment to monitor solar radiation. They then went to the Matlock area to listen to the payload while Near Space Photography went to Welshpool to launch the flight.

balloon launch

The weather on the day started very poor but had cleared up by launch time. The same was not true for the listening and landing site which experienced rain all day.

The flight went to plan and the payload was successfully launched from Breidon hill and recovered from a field near Gainsborough.

I got u vs forecast

Forecast (yellow) and GPS tracker (blue)

More flight details can be found here .

team impulse3


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