Permission granted for GEEK flight

Near Space Photography is taking part in the GEEK 2015 Gaming festival in Margate, UK. The festival runs from 20th to 22nd February 2015.


The festival celebrates electronic gaming. Our contribution will be something similar to the Statocaching game from the Czech republic. Our game is called ‘Social Searching’. We plan to launch a HAB flight from the GEEK festival. The flight will carry a SPOT tracker which will broadcast it’s location to the GEEK game web site.

geek balloon

Participants have to build a social network to find someone close to the landing site who can go and recover the payload and return it to GEEK.


There is no  great skill in going yourself and picking up the payload. the skill will be to ask around the people who you know to see if they know someone, who maybe knows someone, who possibly knows someone living close to the payload and will go and collect it.


The winner will be the first team to return the tracker, camera and parachute. There will be 9 runners up prizes as well. The cost or taking part is next to none. The only skills you need are using facebook and twitter…and of course making new friends.

The flight has been given permission by the CAA so it is all systems go for the first Social Searching.

Sign up for ‘Social Searching’ here


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